We are a pair of young music educators (NIE/NAFA postgraduates) who are passionate in nurturing the next generation of aspiring musicians. We hope to share our extensive musical background and knowledge in classical training as well as band education. We believe that everyone deserves formal music training to appreciate the beauty of music and life, even if one does not intend to pursue music as a career. We also advocate the importance of ensembleship within musicianship – music should be enjoyed together with others, not always in solitude. On top of all the cognitive benefits of learning a musical instrument, we inculcate 21st century competencies such as discipline, patience, grit, social skills and even time management and organisational skills.


New classes in 2019 available in the comfort of your home!


What’s one of the advantages of learning a brass instrument?
Give your child an edge over others learning common musical instruments such as piano and violin especially during auditions e.g. Direct School Admission

Will knowing how to play brass instruments be enough?
Brass instruments are essential and found in orchestras, bands and solo settings. Your child will also be equipped with basic keyboard/piano skills along with their understanding of music theory.

Too many brass instruments to choose from?
Let us provide your child with an opportunity to learn a brass instrument before purchasing a suitable type for their musical development.

Not enough personal time?
Your child will be left in good hands as he/she learns unique musical skills and theoretical understanding while you attend to errands.

Most importantly, focus on the love for learning and develop the appreciation for music. Make room for non-academic achievements.

Graded Exams / Band or Orchestra / DSA / Auditions
with piano accompaniment available

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