Payment Process

  1. Register for lessons by filling in this form
  2. Allow some time for us to find the most suitable Teacher for you
  3. We will send you a quote for the first month of lessons once our Teacher has confirmed his/her schedule
  4. If agreeable, the first month of lesson fees (= 4 lessons) are payable to us in order to secure lessons with the Teacher
  5. Do not pay the Teacher in any circumstances for the first 4 lessons
  6. Do let us know if the Teacher demands any form of payment during this period by emailing us at
  7. Subsequent lesson fees from the 5th lesson onwards are payable to the Teacher directly

*The above fee payment instructions do not apply for Piano Accompaniment assignments. Click here for details on payment arrangements for piano accompaniment.

Modes of Payment

Payment by Internet Banking / iBank:

Please transfer amount quoted in email to OCBC Frank Account 582-289401-001 with Student’s Name indicated in Description / Comment section

Payment by Paypal:

Please make payment to PayPal.Me/chiaveling with the amount quoted in email

Refund Policy

  1. The first 4 lessons must be completed within a calendar month (i.e at least once a week)
  2. Failure to complete lessons within the set timeframe will result in a forfeit of lesson fees
  3. In the event where lessons are cancelled or incomplete due to the teacher within the set timeframe, a refund of remaining lesson fees will be made to the student/parent