The Chinese orchestra was first developed out of Jiangnan sizhu (江南丝竹) ensemble in the 1920s into one that is based on the structure and principles of a Western symphony orchestra. Using Chinese instruments, the orchestra is divided into four sections – wind, plucked strings, bowed strings, and percussion.

We offer private music lessons for the following Chinese musical instruments.

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Wind (吹管乐)

  • Dizi (笛子)
  • Sheng (笙)
  • Suona (唢呐)

Plucked String (弹拨乐)

  • Guzheng (古筝)
  • Pipa (琵琶)
  • Ruan (阮)
  • Yangqin (扬琴)

Bowed String (弦乐)

  • Erhu (二胡)
  • Cello and Double Bass (低音)

Percussion (打击乐)

  • E.g. Luo (锣), Dagu (大鼓)


*Lessons do not include aural and theory