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If you require guidance on playing in an ensemble or even just experiencing how it is like to play with another musician (e.g. duet, trio), we have ensembleship classes available. We also have a resident piano accompanist with plenty of accompaniment experiences for exams and auditions!

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Audition Preparatory Course

Piano Accompaniment by Resident Accompanist

SGD 60 per hour of rehearsal session and SGD 120 for actual day

– Possible venues for rehearsal:

  • Piano accompanist’s place with grand piano
  • Student’s place if piano is available
  • Sound check at examination venue

 Number of rehearsal sessions will be recommended depending on the musical proficiency of student and the complexity of the assignment (e.g. one/two session for Grade 1 VS at least four sessions for Grade 8).

SGD 100 per hour of rehearsal session with both our Resident Accompanist and Music Consultant who specialises in music exams and audition preparation

– Consultation includes mock exam with written feedback for pieces that require accompaniment, as well as checking of acoustic balance, musicality, ensembleship, exam tips, etc.

– Send soft-copies of the piano parts to contact@chiaveling.com at least two weeks before rehearsal session and make full payment of amount quoted in email (total number of rehearsals with or without Music Consultant and actual day) to OCBC Frank Account 582-289401-001 or PayPal.Me/chiaveling to secure our accompanist’s schedule (and our Music Consultant’s schedule if required).

– Urgent requests of less than two weeks to actual day will be handled on a case-by-case basis depending on the schedule of our accompanist


*If there is a conflict in the schedule, a suitable non-resident Piano Accompanist will take up the assignment instead.