Pair your music practical proficiency with knowledge of the rudiments of music, musical compositions and analysis, and the general principles of music, to have a holistic musical learning experience. We offer comprehensive insights into the notions of music theory for graded exams as well as Music Elective Programmes.

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Music Theory

  • Graded Examinations from 1 to 8 (ABRSM / Trinity / AMEB)

SGD 60 per hour of lessons at any grades from 1 to 8 with our resident Music Theory Teachers* (both genders) who specialise in teaching Graded Examinations. All of them have at least 5 years of experience coaching students from all levels and ages.

Online coaching is also available via WhatsApp or Google Docs.

*If there is a conflict in the schedule, a suitable non-resident Music Theory Teacher will take up the assignment instead.

  • Music Elective Programme (MEP) Tuition (‘O’ Level / ‘A’ Level / IB)
  • Aural
  • World Music

MEP, Aural and World Music lessons will be taught by other teachers on our network who specialise in the respective areas.