Why engage our services?

We have the largest network of qualified and trustworthy music teachers in Singapore, for any musical instruments ranging from Western to Chinese, music theory, piano accompaniment and other music related services.
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Who are our teachers?

We connect you to teachers who are actively pursuing their music careers with a full understanding of the demands in musical training. Majority of our teachers are either current music majors or music graduates from prestigious music conservatories, some with music education qualifications, others are prominent musicians within the music industry. They have won scholarships to study abroad and/or in local music colleges and conservatories.


How are lessons like?

All lessons are on a 1-to-1 basis. There are no group lessons. Lesson duration can be customised starting from a minimum of 30 minutes with rates adjusted accordingly. Lessons are tailored to suit individual student’s learning needs, pace and abilities. This is in contrast to music schools where students are restricted to a prescribed syllabus and duration of lessons.